The Ultimate Solution For The Taxi Industry

Do you want to…

  • Stay ahead of competition?
  • Enhance your brand reputation?
  • Keep your loyal customers?
  • Get more bookings?

…then our products from are the solution

Meet our products

Dispatch system

Driver App

Passenger App

Taxi Web Booker

Key benefits

Cloud based Solution.

No extra hardware, No extra equipments.

Real time vehicle position (GPS) and status updates.

Fully white labelled Android & IOS Passenger Apps to book taxi.

Easy integration for online bookings in any website.

Phone call the dispatcher to book a trip.

Auto dispatch of taxi to nearest driver.

Passenger locates driver position using GPS

Owners / Dispatchers track taxi position in real time.

In-app notifications to passengers and drivers.

Automatic route calculation.

Automatic fare estimation and calculation.

In-app chat to stay in touch with your drivers without calling.

Mobile web app for your customers who do not have iPhones or Android phones.

Cash / Credit card / Account transactions.

Facebook Login credentials.

Passenger can share using Facebook, Twitter SMS or Email.

Automatic E-receipts to passenger.

User friendly admin panels.

Track daily transaction and reports.

Extract and search reports using filters and dates.

Easy Administrator and App management.


Supports Multiple languages and multiple currencies.

Corporate accounts managements.

Caller id integration (coming soon).

Web booker for your business to business clients such as corporations and hotels.