Diving head first into new technology is intimidating to everyone. Even children nowadays that are grasping for their iPads before their milk bottles will feel a little anxiety when new technology is being introduced. It’s particularly more intimidating when you’re introducing it to your livelihood.


Advertising a minicab office, especially now, has passed the days when it was acceptable to design, print, and distribute leaflets and business cards. So, this is why your minicab office needs a minicab app.


Imagine all the junk mail you get, and then think about how easy it would be for your leaflets and business cards to get lost. More than 80% of us throw all these leaflets and business cards straight into the recycling bin. This is exactly why your office needs a minicab app, because a customer can’t lose an app. 90% of people who use minicabs find the numbers through a quick goggle session. More and more of people are transitioning over to downloading a minicab app and booking through it. The reason for this is very simple, phone calls and websites are just not fast enough, and sometimes don’t always give us a constant stream of information, like the whereabouts of the driver.


At OpenCabs, we like to think of ourselves as experts when it comes to the minicab industry. So, when we’re suggesting why your minicab office needs apps, it’s because your office needs a minicab app.


If you’re not entirely convinced yet, here are 7 more reasons as to why you need a minicab app for your minicab office;


You Will Be Visible at All Times


On every Smartphone there are two types of applications. There are ones that a person will use daily, even hourly. Then, there are apps that are only used when they’re needed. However, if your minicab app has made its way to a customer’s Smartphone device, this ensure that you will be seen every time the customer unlocks and scrolls through their apps to get to what they need.


Apps Provide a Direct Marketing Channel


All the information that you could ever want to give to your customers is right at their fingertips. You can provide your customers with general info, prices, booking forms, direct payment, driver information, and so much more. You can easily send them special promotions and directly interact with them through your minicab app.


Digitalise your Special Offers


Sometimes it’s nice to give back. However, if you’re a minicab office, giving back can also mean receiving. You’re much more likely to get a customer to come back if you build a stronger bond between them and the brand. You can ping your customers if they have forgotten about you with something as small as £5 off they’re next journey.


Customer Engagement


Sometimes customers don’t want to walk into a minicab office to get a cab. Sometimes customers don’t want to call a minicab office to make a booking. Most of the time customers will want to book and pay for their cabs then and there. Entire businesses have been built on this concept; Uber, a minicab app with no office is one of the most successful of these.


Create/Improve Your Brand and Recognition


Brand – Make sure the app you use for your company is one that encompasses all the great features that your customers are looking for. If you don’t know what you’re customers are looking for, then check out the OpenCabs’ Minicab App.


Minicab App from OpenCabs


Recognition – if you can get a customer to hear, or see your brand approximately 20 times you can truly get yourself noticed and engraved in the mind of the person seeing and hearing. So, it’s important to be three dimensional as a company and enable all types of interactivity for your customers. Apps are a great way to do this.


Beat the Competition


Unless you’re Uber, Premier Cars, or Addison Lee, chances are your company is relatively small. It’s also very rare for small companies to have their own apps. However, it would also be a smart move for a small company to get it’s own apps because it will make itself stand out against all the other minicab offices that are popping up everywhere in the UK right now.


Turn Your “One-Time Users” into Loyal Customers


Whether they’re your customers or someone else’s customer, customers are bombarded with constant advertising. For this reason, it’s very likely for them to become immune towards any form of advertising. However, your apps are a form of advertising that are also functional for your customers so it is almost 100% more likely to work than all your leaflets and business cards.


If you’re convinced as to why your minicab office needs apps, but you don’t know where to start, simply click here and let us take care of the rest.

Don’t let your fear of technology be the reason why your business doesn’t succeed.